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Global Institute of Refine Educational Vogue-Arts is a private institution made up of three vogue arts (Beverage, Cuisine and Art-craft).  The institute located in the heart of Monaco - Monte Carlo which side by French Riviera beach and neighboring with Italy.

Wildly recognized and accredited by the farms and spaces of national government and the Educational farms to provide the official certificates with global recognition.


The mission and function of Global Institute of Refine Educational Organization is providing:
A professional system platform with knowledge and skill on innovative culture and leisure related events to providing education, training, research and symposium schemes, such as  making tea, coffee and cock-tail; wine tasting, floriculture presenting, landscape gardening, etc.


Our Programs are well-suited for students who:

  • Enjoy a hands-on approach to learning about the lounge, bar and restaurant industry.
  • Prefer immediate and profitable rewards from their occupation.
  • Want to pay for college or university tuition.
  • Are passionate about travelling while working on a cruise ship or at a resort.
  • Seek to share their unique creations in a social environment

The Certificate program offers the highest level of professional five-star service training for entering the beverage service sector in the hospitality industry. There is a constant demand by licensed establishments for qualified and professional club managers in the province of Refine educational organization.

The program consists of regular in-class and hybrid instruction in the principles and practices of hospitality management. The curriculum is divided between theory and hands-on experience in the Refine laboratories and an established club, lounge bar or restaurant within the Refine network.


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